Record: 32-2 Conference: SEC Coach: johnsensing Prestige: A+ RPI: 3 SOS: 6
Division I - Gainesville, FL (Homecourt: A+)
Home: 12-0 Away: 20-2
Team News
Source Headline Date
CI.com Newswire NBA lure too much for Albert Simmons, won't return to Florida
CBC News Another early entry, Anton Moore leaving Florida for the NBA
Sports Business News Florida officials not surprised by Anthony Perry's decision to enter the NBA draft early
CollegiateInsider.com #2 Stanford survives against #1 Florida, 73-71
ESPSports.com #7 UCLA loses a heartbreaker against #1 Florida, 78-79
College Sports Network #14 Iowa St. unable to get back into the game, fall to #2 Florida, 60-74. Anton Moore leads all scorers with 26