Record: 26-3 Conference: Rocky Mtn. Coach: rowle1js Prestige: A- RPI: 5 SOS: 11
Division II - Denver, CO (Homecourt: B)
Home: 11-1 Away: 15-2
Team News
Source Headline Date
CNN Sports #6 Fort Lewis holds on for the win against #2 Metropolitan St., 93-83. William Lamberton leads Fort Lewis with 20
MSNBC #17 Colorado, Colorado Springs unable to get back into the game, fall to #3 Metropolitan St., 100-114. Clifford Aiken leads all scorers with 31
MSNBC Fort Hays St. doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #3 Metropolitan St., 70-106. Justin Backus leads all scorers with 23