Record: 5-0 Conference: Heartland Coach: mmd1821 Prestige: B+ RPI: 0 SOS: 0
Division II - Valdosta, GA (Homecourt: C+)
Home: 2-0 Away: 3-0
Team News
Source Headline Date
MSNBC #17 Valdosta St. blows out Wayne St. (NE), 85-65. Anthony Plaster leads all scorers with 23
Infinity Sports News Missouri Southern St. simply no match, lose big to #17 Valdosta St., 64-82. Raymond Crowson leads all scorers with 27
CollegiateInsider.com #6 Valdosta St. survives against Pfeiffer, 68-66
S-I.com New Mexico Highlands doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #14 Valdosta St., 50-81. Donald Meyer leads all scorers with 27