Record: 28-4 Conference: WVIAC Coach: dwise89 Prestige: A+ RPI: 7 SOS: 31
Division II - Shepherdstown, WV (Homecourt: B)
Home: 12-1 Away: 16-3
Team News
Source Headline Date
USA Sports S. Illinois, Edwardsville doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #3 Shepherd, 52-80. Jon Goodwin leads all scorers with 26
Sportswire Kennesaw St. loses going away against #3 Shepherd, 70-77. Jon Goodwin leads all scorers with 31
College Sports Network Grand Valley St. simply no match, lose big to #5 Shepherd, 70-89. Jeffery Keller leads all scorers with 22
Sports Business News W. Virginia St. couldn't make plays down the stretch - lose to #6 Shepherd, 49-55. Jon Goodwin leads Shepherd with 20