Record: 8-2 Conference: S. Cal. Coach: kbc167 Prestige: A- RPI: 39 SOS: 74
Division III - Pasadena, CA (Homecourt: D+)
Home: 4-1 Away: 4-1
Team News
Source Headline Date
MSNBC #14 California Tech. had their chances, but come up short against #24 Guilford, 70-72
Sports Business News Ozarks unable to get back into the game, fall to #16 California Tech., 60-75
ESPSports.com #7 Milwaukee Engineering holds on for the win against #9 California Tech., 69-59
Sports Business News #7 California Tech. pulls away from Vassar, 83-77
MSNBC #8 California Tech. wins going away over Juniata, 80-68
Infinity Sports News Wentworth Tech. doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #8 California Tech., 62-85
MSNBC #11 California Tech. wins a close one against E. Nazarene in OT, 91-86