Record: 22-9 Conference: GLV Coach: sharrow Prestige: A RPI: 20 SOS: 9
Division II - Owensboro, KY (Homecourt: B-)
Home: 9-5 Away: 13-4
Team News
Source Headline Date
College Sports Network #17 Kentucky Wesleyan had their chances, but come up short against #5 S.W. Baptist, 62-64
College Sports Network Bad news for Kentucky Wesleyan: John Lilley out for at least 8 days after injury
S-I.com Disappointing news for Kentucky Wesleyan - John Lilley to be out for at least 8 days after an untimely injury
CNN Sports #24 Kentucky Wesleyan wins going away over #5 Gannon, 89-77. Jeffrey Stewart leads all scorers with 24