Record: 9-3 Conference: Cal. CAA Coach: Trentonjoe Prestige: B+ RPI: 22 SOS: 9
Division II - Pomona, CA (Homecourt: C+)
Home: 7-3 Away: 2-0
Team News
Source Headline Date
CI.com Newswire #18 San Francisco St. loses a heartbreaker against #22 Cal. Poly Pomona, 53-54
AP Sports #22 CSU, San Bernardino can't execute down the stretch, fall to #24 Cal. Poly Pomona, 63-67. Mickey Shive leads Cal. Poly Pomona with 20
Infinity Sports News #18 Hawaii at Hilo loses a heartbreaker against Cal. Poly Pomona, 56-57
Infinity Sports News Assumption pulls away from #21 Cal. Poly Pomona, 69-63
Fox Sports Cal. Poly Pomona pulls away from #2 St. Leo, 58-52
CI.com Newswire Christian Brothers doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #25 Cal. Poly Pomona, 62-97. Mickey Shive leads all scorers with 27