Record: 21-8 Conference: Big Sky Coach: etdad Prestige: C+ RPI: 76 SOS: 132
Division I - Cheney, WA (Homecourt: A+)
Home: 9-4 Away: 12-4
Player IQ
Name Yr. Pos. Flex Motion Triangle Fastbreak Man Zone Press
Akim Zimmerman Jr. PG D+ D- B+ D- A- D- D-
Edgar Griffin So. PG D- D- B- C B C- D-
Alvaro Quinones So. SG D- C B- D- B C- D-
Russell Sung Fr. SG F F B- F B- F F
David Batres Sr. SF D- C- A- D- A D D
John Ehlert So. SF D- D- B+ D- A- D+ D+
Tom Pritchett Jr. PF C- D- B+ D- A- D- D-
Willie Campbell So. PF D- C+ B D- B+ D- C-
Jeffrey Thomas So. PF D- D+ B- D- B D- C+
Filip Ignashevich Sr. C D- D- A- D- A- C- D-
Eugene Trahan Sr. C D- D- A- D- A D+ D+
Leon Wait Fr. C D- D- B D- B C- C-
Players are graded from A+ to F based on their knowledge of each offense and defense.