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  ooooohdoggie says -  Some people enjoyed a recent post that included the reverse negative 1957 Hank Aaron Topps Baseball Card.

   While searching for an image that might include Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays together.  I noticed a 1957 style Topps type Baseball card with a

corrected negative. This brought me to the article below, There are other customized examples of baseball cards on this gentleman's site.

  There is also a link to an article about this gentleman's unique cards featured originally in a Collector's Publication.


Click below to read an article about me in the SCD

A blog to discuss Digital Baseball Card Art in the form of Baseball cards that were never made. What if Topps had issued a Mickey Mantle card in 1955...

Correcting Baseball Card Errors

Today I Today I will show some custom baseball cards in the form of corrections to several of the more famous errors and anomalies on vintage cards. There are many cases of reversed negative and wrong player photos on modern cards, but I will be focusing on the classic pre-1970 cards.
First, I will start with the 1957 Topps Hank Aaron. This was a card with a reversed negative, and Topps did not issue a correction. The original card makes Hammerin' Hank appear to be left handed. This was not a technically difficult card to correct, but I always wanted to see the card as it was originally intended: will show some custom baseball cards in the form of corrections to several of the more famous errors and anomalies on vintage cards. There are many cases of reversed negative and wrong player photos on modern cards, but I will be focusing on the classic pre-1970 cards.
 st, I will start with the 1957 Topps Hank Aaron. This was a card with a reversed negative, and Topps did not issue a correction. The original card makes Hammerin' Hank appear to be left handed. This was not a technically difficult card to correct, but I always wanted to see the card as it was originally intended:

Original 1957 Topps Hank Aaron



                                                                                                                    with reversed negative corrected

Let's stay with Hank Aaron for now. In 1956 Topps used a picture of Willie Mays for the action photo on the Aaron card.
Original 1956 Topps Hank Aaron
and here is my version with an actual picture of Hank Aaron sliding.

   Here is another case of a reversed negative that Topps missed that resulted in a left handed catcher on a baseball card.

    Original 1969 Topps Larry Haney                           and my corrected version





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                                                              OF  Ted Savage 



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   All Forums SimLeague Baseball SimLeague Baseball Fatigue Gripe, especially in Progressive Leagues

   The idea of changing my thinking in regards to Baseball, based on how our Sim performs,  is to me volunteering to be programmed.

   I know I am much more reactive and sensitive to ways I think the Sim performs then most , 

  Because of this I prefer to focus my time and energy on the GM part of the game and don't involve myself much with tweaking lineups.

  I am once again frustrated by a situation that to me is ridiculous.

  I have several teams where I have real life full time top of the order batters, who are under 100% before 25 games of the season.

One example is 2005 Carl Crawford with 687 PA is at 99 % at the 21 game mark.

On the same team Brady Clark is at 92 % despite 674 Real Life Plate Appearances.

 I had similar experience recently with 1946 Pee Wee Reese and Eddie Stanky of the 1946 Brooklyn Dodgers.

I understand the argument that a Sim Player should cost you more if a player plays 99% as opposed to 80 - 85 % of the time.

I really wish they would run a different program for Progressive Leagues.

 I offered an alternative years ago.

  Alternative Suggestion

   Take a real life player, Cal Ripken during his streak is an easy example. Give him 0.5 games credit for every game he appears in and 0.5 games credit for every game he has 3 plate appearances heading into a season.That gives him the full possible 162 at the start of a season.

Then for each game he appears in during the Sim Season, it costs 0.5 games of energy, and in each game he is used for 3 plate appearances that costs 0.5  games of energy. 

   So even if a player bats 12 times in a game he would only use the maximum energy for 1.0 games of energy.

  As it is now if one has a very strong offense or faces very weak pitching a player gets fatigued as his team scores runs in bunches. Winning lop sided games does not fatigue teams in real life.

  With this system a manager could use his backup infielder as a regular for a week or two as in real life when a starter has an injury instead of playing your regular 17-18 games out of 20 and the backup the other 2 or 3.

   Maybe there are big problems with this proposed solution, but I just hate having to be concerned about players fatigue levels because the offense is going well.

Thanks for your time.






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         Top 7 picks in the NL Only 1946 Initial Draft, Italyprof's Space Age Progressive

5/16/2013 6:46 PM
Posted by boogerlips on 5/8/2013 9:20:00 AM (view original):
Sitemail Ooooooooooooodoghie. Or is it Oooooooooooodoghie? Hard to tell how many ooooo's.


5 o's like Hawaii 5 - 0. Was asked to provide a 12 letter username and was my recollection of Jed Clampett from television's Beverly Hillbillies, maybe more accurately well-doggies!!!    Is the first page of the Gallery of Walter Johnson scanned Trading Cards at The Trading Card Database.




What is the Trading Card Database?

Welcome to the Trading Card Database!

The Trading Card Database serves as a community-created archive of the history of trading cards as well as a resource and channel for collectors.

Here you will find set listings for an expanding list of releases, including trivia, checklists, error cards, rookie cards, user ratings and comments, forums, plus images. The database is fully searchable by year, card manufacturer, player, or team and is growing by the day.

You can contribute your scans, reviews and general knowledge by registering. Earn points for adding things to the database and climb up the ranks. You can also use the database to track your collection. We are committed to providing the most accurate information, so if you spot any inaccuracies, please let us know.

Thanks and welcome!





Quote post by italyprof on 5/8/2013 8:16:00 AM:
I know how to post images off the internet to the forums here (you right click on the image from the site, open it in a new window, and then copy and paste). 

But I ordered and just found in the mail today  CD ROM with dozens of old radio broadcasts of classic games, and in addition it has photos of teams and stadiums from pre-WW 1. But best of all it has hundreds of old baseball cards from 190-something. One is of Cy Young with the Naps, another of Walter Johnson etc. 

But I can't copy and paste them. Does anyone know how I can post something directly off my hard drive or a CD Rom to the forums here ? I would be happy to post a slew of these images but have not been able to so far. 


    All Forums > SimLeague Baseball > SimLeague Baseball > Ancient Baseball cards and photos; how can I post?

                                         ooooooohdoggie  - Discussion in above thread click the link above to see that thread

5/28/2013 7:38 AM

Quote: Originally Posted By shysters3 on 5/21/2008

'63 is a great year in my memory as well. I had just graduated from college and my Cardinals had a September hot streak that got them within a game of the Dodgers. 

The Dodgers came into St. Louis with Podres, Koufax and Drysdale ready to pitch the Series. A friend and I got tickets to the first game with seats out in the old right field pavilion of Sportsmans Park

Stan the Man hit a home run #475 (his last) right over our heads, but the the Dodgers eked out a victory and the bubble burst. Stan retired at the end of the season a few days later. 

                         ( ooooohdoggie - This photo from a game at St. Louis' Sportsman's Park  from Ballparks of Baseball


5/28/2013 7:55 AM
Stan Musial's last home run - off Podres ?  - and you were there for it ? Wow. Sorry about the pennant race. And nice to know someone here is, more mature than I am :-).

The first baseball season I remember is 1969 (Miracle Mets). I was 9. My heart was already leaning toward the Yankees though...
5/28/2013 9:10 AM


That day during the 1963 National League Pennant Race was shyster3's recollection.

 I also count 1969 as the first season I was able to follow. 

Although I am now a White Sox fan, from 1969-1971 I did not have access to the White Sox television station, and my location in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs was filled with Cub fans.

Especially so in 1969 when the Cubs were nearly amazing.

5/28/2013 11:28 AM
Those Cubs teams were very great. The Mets in 1969 are under-rated, mostly cause my five-year old can hit better than half their team could. But they beat the Cubs, Braves (Aaron, Niekro, Wilhelm, Cepeda) and the very great Orioles. 

But the Cubs had almost no real weaknesses as a team, almost an all-star at every position and even now all these years later I can almost remember their whole starting lineup off the top of my head: 

1B Hickman
2B Beckert
SS Kessinger
3B Santo
OF Walt Williams
OF Billy Willams
Of - um, this one I am not sure of - maybe Rick Monday ? 

C Hundley who had a great year

Fergie Jenkins, Ken Holtzman, I am forgetting another good pitcher - Hand maybe ? That is without looking. They were good. A Cubs-Orioles series would have been interesting in say 1970 - they might have done much better than the over-rated Big Red Machine. 

There was also a moment, around 1971 I think, when we all thought that the White Sox were about to take over the American League - I remember when my Yankees would play them, we really thought they were good - Melton, Wood, John, C. May, also Walt Williams - am I remembering this right ? 

It never quite happened, not sure why, I guess partly because the Oakland As came up big in those same years...
6/4/2013 7:03 PM (edited)


           Summary: (l to r:) Boston Red Sox Sam Mele, Jake Jones, Birdie Tebbetts, and Don Gutteridge on dugout steps.

                                Louisiana War Hero Returns

Louisiana War Hero Returns   ( Jake Jones 1B Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox drafted for the opening1946 season in Italyprof's Space Age Progressive )

On June 14, 1947, while the Chicago White Sox were in Boston for a weekend series, the Red Sox traded 1B Rudy York to Chicago for 1B Jake Jones. In the Sunday doubleheader the next day, Jones belted two balls over the LF wall and drove in seven runs to help sweep his old team. In the nightcap, his walk-off grand slam broke a 4-4 tie.

In the Red Sox dugout, P Tex Hughson predicted Jones' game-winning blast as he walked to the plate. "He'll hit a HR on the first pitch." However, Jonesnearly didn't get his grand slam. Bobby Doerr, on first when Jones delivered, ran to second, touched the bag, and headed to the clubhouse. However,Coach Del Baker waved to him, and Doerr realized that, even though the winning run had scored, the newcomer's HR was at stake. So he resumed his trip around the bases.

Red Sox manager Joe Cronin said, "I guess the trade is all right for tonight, at least." When someone said that Jones had a pretty good day, Boston IF Eddie Pellagrini replied: "Pretty good day! That's a pretty good week."

Considering what he had been involved with in the previous five years, it's remarkable that Jones was playing at all, much less hitting grand slams.

  • Born near Monroe LA in 1920, Jones played in the Class C Cotton States League right out of high school. In 1940, he led the Class AA Texas League with 24 HRs at Shreveport. He also exhibited outstanding fielding ability at 1B. Detroit's Hall-of-Famer Harry Heilmann calledJones one of the greatest natural hitting prospects he had ever seen.
  • Shreveport sold Jake to the White Sox in late August, 1941. He played in three games for Chicago that season and seven more at the beginning of 1942 before enlisting in the U.S. Navy.
  • Selected for flight training, Jones was sent to Chapel Hill NC. The Navy baseball team there included Ted WilliamsJohnny PeskyJohnny SainJoe ColemanRay ScarboroughBuddy Hassett, and Harry Craft. However, Jake played only for the post basketball team.
  • In 1944-5, while flying off the carrier Yorktown in the Pacific, Jonesearned four Air Medals, several Distinguished Flying Crosses and a Silver Star for his bravery and efficiency on combat missions. On one flight, he downed five Japanese planes. (Jones' first Air Medal citation was signed by Vice Admiral J. S. McCain, grandfather of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, Senator John McCain III.)
  • As a result, Jones returned to the U.S. after the war as a hero. During a week's shore leave in NYC, he appeared on Kate Smith's radio show. The famous sportswriter Grantland Rice praised the flying skill of the former ballplayer. "It was over Tokyo that three flyers ganged up on him and he got all three."

Jake Jones

Jake returned to the White Sox for the 1946 season. Although he had returned unscathed from WWII, he didn't have such luck on the diamond. He fractured his left wrist and elbow when Detroit's Eddie Lake ran into his outstretched arm during a play at 1B. Surgery and a long period of physical therapy got Jones in shape to play in 1947 and set the stage for his impressive debut with the Red Sox.

Unfortunately, Jake's first day with Boston gave a misleading view of his production. "Streaky as they come, Jones was capable of carrying the team when his bat was hot, but when it wasn't it could be freezing." He hit only .237 combined for the two Soxteams in 1947. However, he drove in 96 runs and clouted 19 HRs. Jake also developed a strong friendship with Ted Williams because of their common interest in fishing and flying.

When Cronin took over as GM in 1948, he hired Joe McCarthy as manager. Joemoved OF Stan Spence to 1B and platooned him with Jones. However, when neither provided the clout needed from the position, McCarthy turned to Billy Goodman.Jones hit .200 and 1 HR in only 105 ABs. After the season, the Red Sox released him, and he finished his baseball career with AAA Louisville and AA San Antonio in 1949 before retiring to his 400-acre cotton farm in his hometown.

Reference: "Ace: The Jake Jones Story," Dick ThompsonThe National Pastime: A Review of Baseball History (SABR)
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                                                                                       Jake Jones


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                                          2006 First Round Pick - Catcher Russell Martin

Round 1-off the clock
1. Oakland A's (heybatr34)                        P Justin Verlander
2. Los Angeles Dodgers (papabilly)               2B Dan Uggla
3. Cincinnati Reds (specsman)                    SS Troy Tulowitzki
4. Texas Rangers (richabbs)                       P Jered Weaver
5. Montreal Expos (icehammer97)                   P Cole Hamels
6. Cleveland Indians (Cicero)                     P Adam Wainwright
7. New York Mets (ceez)                          SS Hanley Ramirez
8. Boston Red Sox (nukelaloosh)                   P Big Game Shields
9. Chicago White Sox (occsid)                     P Jon Lester
10. Baltimore Orioles (phldpg)                    P Josh Johnson
11. Arizona Diamondbacks (edsortails)            2B Dustin Pedroia
12. San Francisco Giants (Poddy) via LAA         OF Nick Markakis
13. Washington Nationals (italyprof)             2B Ian Kinsler
14. Kansas City Royals (rls1)                    OF Matt Kemp
15. Washington Senators (cardsfan)                P Francisco Liriano
16. Philadelphia Phillies (jonstephen25)          P Anibal Sanchez
17. San Francisco Giants (Poddy)                  P Ricky Nolasco
18. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (crickett13)             P Matt Garza
19. Detroit Tigers (flbarons)                     P Chad Billingsley
20. Texas Rangers (richabbs) via NYY              P Shaun Marcum
21. Chicago Cubs (cpmitchno1)                     Shin Soo Choo (of)
22. St Louis Cardinals (ooooohdoggie)             C  Russell Martin
23. Atlanta Braves (gonoles777) 
24. Detroit Tigers (flbarons) via San Diego               

of 11
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